It’s been a perfect Mother’s Day so far. Elijah has been pampering us with food and drink and we got to video chat with Aaron, who will be home for a visit in a couple of weeks.

Louise wanted to get a hanging flower basket so we walked down to Fred Meyer together. The store is undergoing a major re-organization, which mostly seems like a ploy to get shoppers to wander far and wide.

Where is everything??

I got a little behind on my giving last week and was determined to take advantage of this opportunity. I also thought maybe I could make someone’s Mother’s Day a little bit sweeter with a hundred dollar gift.

I had my eye out for a mother and daughter. Or maybe a pregnant woman. I watched a man carrying a bouquet of flowers to the check stand. Lots of kids with dads. As I swung by the meat case, I heard two women talking. “Mine was medium well,” the older one was saying. “And it was just like butter. Melted in my mouth!” “Maybe we should throw it on the grill,” suggested the younger of the two.

I was at the other end of the store when I saw them again. They were still laughing and talking. “Excuse me!” I said. The younger woman looked at me questioningly as she brought their shopping cart to a halt. “Are you mother and daughter?” I asked.

They nodded, glancing at each other. I wished them Happy Mother’s Day and they smiled. I said I was passing on a gift in honor of my mom, who had died two years ago. I had their attention but they weren’t sure what to make of me. “Would you accept a gift today?”

“Yes!” exclaimed the mother. I put the bill in her hand. “Oh, thank you! That is SO NICE!” The daughter reached over and hugged me, and then they both had their arms around me. The mom kissed me, right on the cheek. “That is just wonderful,” she said.

A nice surprise

We talked for a few minutes, then I got another hug. Betty had some words for me. “Think about your mother today. In a good way.”

“I know you are,” she went on. “She’s smiling down on you. Because you’ve blessed someone else!”

Happy Mother’s Day!

Betty and Jo

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2 Responses to Smiling Down

  1. DJan says:

    How sweet! They were a perfect Mother’s Day pair for your gift. And I think my mom was smiling down on me, too. I always enjoy your stories, Jill.

  2. Tess Gallagher says:

    Hi dear Jill,
    I wrote you another message but then a message popped up and told me I had already said that before! That surprised me. I thought I’d been original. Anyhow, I loved your mother’s day gift to these women. And I am having a party at my mother’s place to enjoy the rhodies on June 2. It is heavenly there right now!
    Sending you love and always keeping you and Louise in my heart. Tess

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