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How About You?

December 15, 2011 by

I was out and about a lot today and was sure I’d have numerous opportunities to give away another hundred. But the opportunities seemed to come and go, and the right moment just never materialized. Finally, I was on my way home. It was getting dark. A tall woman in a dark coat crossed the […]

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Double Take

August 22, 2011 by

Sometimes things happen in my head that I just can’t condone. This morning I was driving back to work from a breakfast meeting up on Alberta. Winding my way along the residential streets I saw a shopping cart piled high with black plastic bags. The bags were enormous and brimming with bottles and cans. That […]

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What’s better than stepping outside and eating food from your own garden? I would argue: nothing. Gardening definitely appeals to the cheapskate in me (look! free food!). But it’s not just that. I’ve always loved working outside, from early memories helping my Dad chop wood for the fireplace. I would climb into the wheelbarrow and […]

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Freezing in Portland

February 24, 2011 by

It snowed! Well, it dusted. All week long, the possibility of snow was making headline news. Then it became a certainty and that was breaking headline news. Names for the upcoming event were flying: Snowpocalypse! Snowmaggedon! By morning today it was obvious that we had dodged a snowy bullet, most areas getting less than an […]

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Day #2 of 100 hundreds. Back home in Portland, enjoying a few more days of vacation before heading back to work on Monday. Some days you just know you’d better pay attention, like there are lessons to be learned around every corner. It started when I was at the gym this morning. A woman got […]

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