“Goes Around, Comes Around”: The online Oakland Journal features a story and interview with former resident Jill Ginsberg.

The 2011 Willamette Week Finder features Dr. Jill Ginsberg and nine other “substantive people” on their “not-full-of-shit list”. You can read the whole issue online here. The “people” section is pp 20-21.

Hundreds of Hundreds is featured as the “Last Word” in Barnard Magazine’s Spring 2011 issue. Check it out here (p. 48).

Vignettes of Sherwood middle school students, inspired by Jill Ginsberg, who started project to give and blog (Oregonian February 15, 2011)

Portland woman who gave away $100 a day keeps giving, inspiring others (Oregonian February 15, 2011)

Portland woman wonders if giving away $100 a day can change lives, and changes her own (Oregonian October 24, 2010)

Articles on Jill Ginsberg’s work at the North by Northeast Community Health Center:


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  1. Celestial Ingman Miller says:

    What a wonderful thing you do! I too believe in giving, and do it often.Random kindness fills your heart with joy.

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