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Carrie Under the Bridge

November 28, 2010 by

I read an entire (library) book over the long weekend, which was wonderful in itself. The book made a big impression on me, and at times left me feeling pretty low. It’s a story you may be familiar with, but I hadn’t heard it before and can’t remember now how I found out about it. […]

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The Next Right Thing

November 21, 2010 by

This afternoon I headed out to do a bit of shopping in preparation for Thanksgiving. I only had a couple of things to pick up so decided to bundle up and walk the mile or so to the store. I was at Safeway down on Broadway near the Dollar Tree with a C-note in my […]

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The Brave Granddaughter

November 14, 2010 by

I guess I was just born nosy, because I can’t ever remember a time when I didn’t like grilling people with questions. Maybe it’s simple curiosity, but I seem to have a greater tendency and need to pry than most. This serves me well in my work as a physician, which is really all about […]

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I decided at the end of my Month of Hundreds that I would aim to give away $100 every week through the end of the year. Something about having that C-note in my pocket makes me more aware of what is going on around me; it’s just a fact. I spent the weekend in Boston, […]

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Thanks for all your lovely comments. I am amazed and truly humbled by the far-reaching impact this project has had. Please keep letting me know about your own ways of “paying it forward.” It is weird to walk around without the mission of giving away $100 each day. I’ve been smiling a lot but otherwise […]

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It’s Not Over

October 31, 2010 by

The first thing I want to say is a very big “thank you” to everyone who has been reading and commenting. This journey really has been about me and for me, although I hoped maybe a few of my friends would take it to heart and be inspired to talk more about human connection and […]

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Like a Mitzvah

October 30, 2010 by

October 30! Day 30 of My Month of Hundreds. My dread over the impending arrival of November has eased up; I am looking forward to having some time to reflect on this month and where I go from here. Tomorrow feels like a big day. I’ll make the final gift of my Month of Hundreds […]

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Remembering Tex

October 29, 2010 by

October 29. Day 29 of My Month of Hundreds. Today would be my Dad’s 88th birthday. He was a year younger than Gina, although no one knew this because she lied about her age ever since I can remember. My dad, Sidney Ginsberg, grew up in an extended Jewish family in Philadelphia and New York, […]

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I’ll Keep it Going

October 28, 2010 by

October 28. Day 28 of My Month of Hundreds. On the way home today I passed the neighborhood high school where a football game was in progress. I had the idea to scope out the area and got closer. It was basically a muddy mess. Family members were scattered along the bleachers. I spotted a couple […]

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A Regular Person

October 27, 2010 by

October 27. Day 27 of My Month of Hundreds. I really need some time to sit and think about all that has happened and where I go from here. I DO NOT KNOW. What does all this mean? How has it changed me? Have I accomplished what I set out to do? Where DO I […]

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