From the monthly archives: September 2011

A year ago today I wrote a post called “Living in My Dream World.” I hadn’t yet given away my first hundred. The post was all about what I wanted my money to do in the world and what I thought a better world might look like. It’s remarkable to think that a whole year has […]

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Extra Sweet

September 22, 2011 by

The week on Galiano was one of the nicest vacations we’ve had in a long time. It was so quiet and restful, not to mention gorgeous. I took a lot of photos; here are a few of my favorites. So, it was kind of hard to come home. Mentally, I mean. Getting home was easy. […]

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Good Vibes

September 15, 2011 by

I really needed this vacation. A dark and weighty introspection had leaked into some of my recent posts, and I was finding myself preoccupied by the crushing need that seems to be everywhere. I feel some of the weight lifting as I watch the ferries crossing the channel, listen to the waves lapping at the […]

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A Girl Named Boomerang

September 13, 2011 by

Nothing says “Happy Vacation!” like a room upgrade, especially when you’ve earned it by being the Special Guest of the Day. Louise and I were headed to the Gulf Islands for a week, and spent last night in Vancouver before getting on the early ferry. This signboard awaited us in the hotel lobby, and for […]

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Marty, Starting Again

September 11, 2011 by

Ten years ago today, it was impossible to imagine what the world would be like in 2011. Now we know. We’ve been reminded that as human beings we are capable of profound evil and enduring grace. We know that our paradigms of patriotism, freedom and security are subject to circumstance, and to debate. We know […]

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It was Louise’s idea to volunteer making meal deliveries for Loaves and Fishes today, when a lot of the regular drivers are off because of the holiday. I was my typically lovely self: “Really? You need one more thing to do? Take a day off for once.” She reminded me how the service helps frail […]

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My day started with a bizarre noise in the kitchen. I didn’t realize it was an execution. DZZZZZAP! DZZZZZZAP! It was loud. And it was coming from one of the electrical outlets near the sink. I tried the GFCI switch and I couldn’t push it in. Then I noticed a faint odor (which means it […]

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