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Dead Air

February 23, 2012 by

In honor of National Anosmia Awareness Day I am reposting something I wrote last March, six weeks after I lost my sense of smell from a viral upper respiratory infection (aka a cold). As of a year later, my ability to smell is slightly improved, maybe by 10% on a good day. I am still […]

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Life Smells

March 20, 2011 by

Life smells. Sometimes, it stinks. Wet dogs, raw eggs, the inside of the dirty dishwasher, cat pee – these are all things that smell foul (in my opinion). Then there’s this stuff: coffee, bacon, certain flowers, rain, my family, fresh-baked cookies, home (which often smells like fresh-baked cookies), babies. Mmmm. About six weeks ago I […]

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