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C’est La Vie

June 10, 2012 by

Have you been to Fred Meyer lately? What a mess! They are doing a major renovation that won’t be completed until November. Nothing is where you expect it to be and we shoppers can become a grouchy bunch. I think I walked about 40 miles. First I did my shopping, including a few items from […]

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May 26, 2012 by

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about connecting with strangers. Wondering why it’s so hard. Why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Why some people seem to expect good things to happen, and others expect nothing. Or worse. Some people seem to be surprised (and offended) when life intrudes on their plans for a perfect […]

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I sort of stole this post’s title from the name of an article in the latest edition of The Sun magazine by Brian Jay Stanley. Stanley’s piece is a study of “otherness”; an answer to the question: “who is a stranger?” in which he explores the bonds that we share with each other. It’s a wonderful […]

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My Month of Hundreds

September 20, 2010 by

Can $100 change a life? For the recipient? The giver?  That is some of what I am setting out to discover. Every day for the month of October, I’m going to give $100 to a stranger I encounter during the course of my routine. I was recently pleasantly surprised to find that my mother had named […]

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