Want to know why I am sitting in the dark? With apologies to the droves of trick-or-treaters outside, I admit that I am in hiding. From them.

It’s not that I don’t like kids. I don’t even really have anything against Halloween, except some of the stuff people do is kind of creepy.

A neighbor's house. CREEPY.

I even like the idea of dressing in costume, although I never get around to actually pulling it off. I like this costume, which I saw in a store window.

Robin D. Rich - she gives to D. Poor!

The real issue around here is our darn dogs. They launch into a frenzy of barking whenever the doorbell rings. For years, we suffered through Halloween night and a solid three hours of ringing and barking; barking and ringing. The occasional adorable bumblebee and a few pilfered Snickers snack size candy bars just didn’t make it worth it.

So, a few years ago Louise and I came up with our own tradition. As the sky darkens on Halloween night, we rove through the house turning off all the lights and pulling down the shades. We sneak upstairs or into a back room to eat our dinner in the dark. As the din dies down outside we might get brave and turn on the TV.

Last year on Halloween I was at the end of My Month of Hundreds. I remember not know what was coming next and feeling kind of panicky. I feel the end of 2011 looming now, but have some catching up to do and lots of giving ahead of me.

ANYWAY. I was somewhat concerned to see that there were Trick-or-Treaters out already as I was coming home from work around 5:30. If I didn’t get home before the onslaught began I would be in big trouble.

I was headed west on Weidler and stopped at a red light. I was right in front of the bus stop where I met Taylor in March. There was a woman sitting by herself on the bench, a colorful knitted cap on her head. She saw me looking at her and our eyes met for a second. I spotted a parking space around the corner and, on impulse, pulled into it. I grabbed a hundred from my wallet, stuffed it in my pocket and jumped out of the car.

“I like your hat!” I announced. “Did someone make it for you?” The woman looked at me unsmilingly, then nodded. “Yes, my mother made it,” she said. The words just bubbled up out of me. “I love the colors! It looks great on you!” Sheesh. She wasn’t too impressed and just stared at me.

I plunged onward and told the woman I had something I wanted to give her. “You want to give me something,” she pondered skeptically. “What is it?”

I told her I was honoring my mother by passing on a gift she had given to me when she died. “What is it?” she asked again. I handed her the hundred and she shook her head, smiling. She said “thank you”, then thought for a minute. “You know what that is?” she asked. “That’s God.”

She said her name was Lisa and we talked for a few minutes while she waited for the bus. She said she had been unsure about what I was after. “It is Halloween, you know,” she reminded me.

“This is kind of amazing,” she said. She told me that she and a friend from church had been talking about going to a retreat together. “I just told her I would figure out the funding so we could go.” She patted her pocket. “This is it! We’re going!”

I told her about the blog and she said I could take her picture. The bus pulled up and she posed while the driver waited. As she got on the bus I heard her say, “He never ceases to amaze me.”

I waved as the bus pulled away but I don’t think Lisa was watching.

Lisa, all smiles









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11 Responses to Halloween and Lisa

  1. DJan says:

    I guess I have to agree with her on some level, although it’s hard for me to believe God just tapped you on the shoulder and told you to do that for Lisa. However, I do think that maybe her Guardian Angel was up there pushing levels and dials. 🙂

  2. Linda Bray says:

    Lisa, if you read this, I just want to wish you the most wonderful time at the retreat. And yes, I believe it was totally God’s doing.

    He’s in everything.

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you for your wonderfuly encouragement Linda Bray. We had a wonderful time at the retreat and I met some very interesting and new friends.

  3. Berta says:

    So good!

  4. andrea gehrke says:

    Lisa has a lovely smile. I am so looking forward to finding out who will be filling your blog in the coming weeks. You have truly met some memorable people.

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Andrea Gehrke for the beautiful comment about my smile. It was a very awesome experience to be the receipient of the wonderful surprise.

  5. Margot says:

    I wonder why some people can’t attribute the kind act and the money to YOU, the person handing them cash out of nowhere. Odd how so many of us humans look to God when there are other explanations that make a lot more sense. And rather than explain a beautiful act with some unseen force, why not use it to bolster one’s faith in humanity and the present moment and what people here on earth are capable of?

  6. ivy says:

    I believe that Jill is a blessing sent through the spirit of the Lord. She’s given to. My family and yesterday i met Jill officially for the second time. And she’s still beautiful. I thought i would never see her again since she had given to us and i had lost her card so i hadn’t any idea of the website to see what she was about. When i saw Jill last night at Emmanuel i was solo happy because i worried about my family pictures availinle to everyone but me. So i think that. GOD definately sent her and set that up. I also got to meet the wonderful smile that you see above on Lisa’s face.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ivy,

      thank you for your comment. I met Jill for the second time also and am still in awe at the way the Lord used her that day. Although I believe my self to be a strong woman of faith, I must admit that this one really through me off guard. I will continue to smile. 🙂

  7. ivy says:

    Faith is what helps to keep the most of us from the devils work. What’s wrong with Jill being a God send??? Nothing…..I DONT KNOW U WELL JILL BUT I LOVE YOU BECAUSE OF GOD.

    • Lisa says:

      I believe that other people are God’s hand extended. We are all vessels, or conduits to deliver. Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate your comments.

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