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January 15, 2012 by

I should have known better than to drink that much coffee. But I couldn’t help it. Two old friends from our days in Port Angeles were in town today and we met up for breakfast. I was in charge of finding a place to eat  that was convenient for everybody. I Yelped it, Googled it, […]

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What a great birthday! We started celebrating on Friday and now (Sunday) I still have homemade cake to look forward to! Yesterday morning Louise and I headed up to Sisters, a 3½ hour drive from Portland. Friends of ours bought a place there a few months ago and they invited us and another couple for […]

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Seeing Double

May 27, 2011 by

It’s my birthday! I wanted to make sure to give a gift in honor of my Mom. And the miracle of circumstance that brought me into this world. I am grateful to be here. Birthdays aren’t so simple, though. It’s usually a time of semi-morbid self-reflection. And – although I am not a big fan […]

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I’m drawn to people in pairs these days; I don’t know why. I was in Dollar Tree this afternoon and saw a woman and boy moving through the aisles, clearly looking for something. I followed her for a few minutes, wondering if she was aware of me skulking around behind her. At one point the […]

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