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Energy or Something

February 25, 2012 by

Guess where I went today. If you said “Fred Meyer”, you would be correct. And a loyal reader (for which I thank you). I had intended to do my giving at the mall after going to an afternoon movie. But as we were parking the car at the theater I realized I had left my […]

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Some might be surprised to learn that I am a real cheapskate. Like, one of the worst. I don’t totally blame myself and I make a big effort to abandon my contemptible habits. That’s part of what this month of $100 giveaways is about for me. As I was growing up, my mother took her role as […]

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Every day of October I will give $100 to someone I encounter during the course of my routine. I got the idea after receiving a check as beneficiary of my mother’s retirement fund. A number of people have asked me to explain more why I am doing this and, particularly, how it honors my mother. […]

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