Friday will be the start of my Month of Hundreds, during which I will give $100 away each day to a stranger. I’m thinking a lot about what may unfold, and expecting the unexpected. I was truly surprised, however, by what a friend of mine did today. She heard about the project, has been following the blog and today gave me an envelope with a $100 bill inside. Wait a minute: I’m supposed to be the one giving away the money here! I am not sure what to do with the $100; I may start a day early or give two $100’s on a given day. Or go a day longer. Maybe I am feeling a bit of what some of my recipients may feel: grateful and supported, as well as acutely aware of the power of the gift and the need to use it or pass it on in a meaningful way. Lots to think about! What would you do with a C-note?

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14 Responses to Thanks for the C-Note!

  1. Amy Wiles says:

    I would use it to buy supplies for our Rebuilding Together Day on Sat! YAY. I think we have the basics to do Miss Minnie’s house but some nice new bathroom decor would be a great finishing touch!

  2. Penny Gruver says:

    I love a surprise, so I would send it to Dylan to buy supplies for his classroom in NYC.
    Really looking forward to hearing about the first gift.

  3. Dolly says:

    Use it for random acts of kindness.. that way many people benefit. Like: Parking meters, Transit passes, Coffee for construction workers
    box lunches for those people with signs on the side of the road. Get a lot of bang for your C-note 🙂

  4. Sara Felder says:

    I’m following your experiment with interest.

    My version is to go around town putting money in people’s meters — sometimes just ahead of the meter-person.

    But, I think there’s another point of view on your extra $100. I don’t think you should give it away. I think you’re supposed to keep it — FOR YOU!!

  5. Lyell says:

    Wow Jill. This may be just what so many people need to save them from the brink……covering rent, preventing foreclosure, feeding the kids well, paying the electric bill. My hope is none of it will get spent at Walmart. You go girl!

  6. Susan Bolton says:

    I can’t wait to hear about people’s reactions… I bet MOST will think you gave them a $100 with intention of it to be a smaller bill? Who knows… Very inspiring – There are so many ways for us to all “give back” with time, talent and treasure!

  7. Timea says:

    I think you should keep the $ 100 and get something utterly frivolous and wondrous for yourself. XXXXXXXXXXX <— 11, my favorite subject

  8. Hi Jill,

    I’ve been catching up on your blog since I read your story on OregonLive over the weekend. This entry made me chuckle because I recently had a very similar thing happen. I am currently fundraising for Komen for the Cure (Portland’s Race was just a few weeks ago and we’re able to continue fundraising through October). I decided to do a prize drawing to encourage donations–yarn prizes, because I am a knitter and know a LOT of knitters–and as soon as I announced what I was doing, several friends offered me items to add to the prizes.

    So instead of the 10 prizes I’d started with (which all came from my own stores of yarn), I ended up with 16 prizes to give away! I think sometimes people are happy to help someone else who is doing a good thing–to make it go a little further.

    I’ve enjoyed catching up on your thoughts here and look forward to further entries.


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