October 28. Day 28 of My Month of Hundreds.

On the way home today I passed the neighborhood high school where a football game was in progress. I had the idea to scope out the area and got closer. It was basically a muddy mess.

A muddy mess

Family members were scattered along the bleachers. I spotted a couple of prospects sitting by themselves, but there really wasn’t any privacy. It started to rain.

I walked around the park but the foot traffic had dwindled. The high school track team was down in the mud doing pushups, then they clamored up the slippery hill and took off running. As I was standing watching them I heard a scraping crash and wondered if there had been an accident on 33rd Ave.

Heading over the rise I could see people gathering on the sidewalk. Two cars were parked at the curb; the car in the back had its rear bumper torn off and had obviously been rear-ended and pushed into the other car. A guy drove by in a sweet red Thunderbird. “Is this a hit and run?” Someone said yes. “You gotta call it in!”

Is this a hit and run?

Everyone seemed shook up but was otherwise ok. A woman was standing and watching, her dog and bicycle at her side. I asked if she saw what happened. “No, but I heard the crash and came to look. How can someone just drive away like that?” She shook her head and glanced at me. “It really makes you wonder about people, you know what I mean? It’s terrible; what’s the world coming to?”

I wanted to give her a shred of hope and I launched into my spiel. When I held out the $100 bill she just stared at it with her mouth open. Then she grabbed me in a big hug and said, “I read about you in the newspaper!” She said she was doing fine and didn’t need the money.

She told me that her husband had died but that she had a wonderful full life. She said she had loved the article. “I read it and thought ‘what a wonderful thing. Maybe I can do something like that someday.’ Now I will! I’ll keep it going!”

The woman told me her name was Barbara and introduced me to her dog. She said she could think of three people right away who could use the money. “I’ll keep the tradition going!” she said. “I promise!” And then she was off.

Barbara and her dog India

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10 Responses to I’ll Keep it Going

  1. Ronda says:

    Wow! How wonderful this is all turning out to be for everyone :0 Even bystanders like me 🙂 It is encouraging and inspirational!

  2. Jill,
    You’re going to have to start sending out Kleenexes with these posts:)
    KEEP it going — I love that!

  3. Pru McDonald says:

    Tired from a good gym workout today, but was determined to wait for today’s “Jill” story! I’m so glad that Barbara seemed to really appreciate your mission, but in a strange way, I feel a little let down. Is it because she is content, didn’t need the money, but will help others? I have no doubt that she will pass it forward, but the drama was missing… at least for me.

    Somehow, I have become almost proprietary about these c-notes. imagine the nerve! I do believe things happen for a reason; I must leave it at that, and accept the Universe’s choice.

    You have hooked this particular fish (me) totally, Jill! I can’t wait for the next three (final) installments! And whatever follows after!

  4. frank says:

    thank you for the gift i paid some pills and boght a new harmonica it sounds great and will be there at the sidwalk by daller tree playing my new instroment if youd like to hear it

  5. Susan Bolton says:

    How sweet and thoughtful for Frank to acknowledge and thank you again… I’d LOVE to hear his new instrument –
    This month of giving has been so inspirational… I think all 29 people to date, have been so grateful.

  6. Melissa says:

    I enjoy reading your stories, and look forward to them daily. I have always dreamed of winning the lottery so I can do just what you have done this month! I’m convinced one day I’ll have enough to pay my bills and help someone else pay theirs. I’m glad to know there are other people out there that care. For now I’m just a school bus driver who passes out candy on rare occasions to see them smile 🙂 Thanks for giving me the gift of a smile.

    • Thank you for commenting! I have come to believe that making the connection is really the important thing; the money is definitely a big help to some but EVERYONE appreciates being noticed and reached out to. I bet as a school bus driver you make lots of peoples’ days all the time! Jill

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