Day 20 of my Month of Hundreds. Counting down now. I’m not liking that; I really don’t want this month to end.

Over the last 20 days I’ve definitely refined my process and gotten more efficient in selecting the day’s recipient once I decide to do the deed. It’s a little hard to describe what I’m looking for. I know that everyone has a story and most people could put $100 to good use. I get a sense about a person, that somehow I can connect with them and make a bit of an impact.

Even though I’ve lived in San Francisco it’s been a while and I forgot what it feels like downtown. So many people! I spent all day in a windowless conference room, so just getting outside was exhilarating. I had the $100 bill in my pocket and I started to walk.

As I walked I studied the passersby. There were a lot of folks around. Small clusters of workers on breaks, men in suits rushing by, panhandlers. A woman at the corner had a sign that said “Why am I sitting here? Because I don’t have any cents. Do you?”

After a couple of blocks I passed what at first I thought was a candy store. Pretty colors and bright lights! I looked again and saw the sign saying Brow Bar and realized it was some kind of makeup place (I have since educated myself somewhat utilizing the powers of Google, but I must say this kind of thing is about as foreign to me as an ammunition depot).  This gorgeous young guy was inside; I caught his eye and he flashed me a brilliant smile.


I went in and was greeted by a young woman at the door. “Can I help you?” I pushed right by, saying “I need to talk to that guy over there.” It felt urgent; I could hardly wait to get to him. He was standing at a counter with a bunch of makeup brushes and didn’t seem surprised to see me. “Hi!” he said. I asked if I was interrupting him. “It’s okay,” he shrugged. “I’m just cleaning these brushes.”

We chatted for a minute and I told him I was visiting from Portland. “Oh! I love Oregon!” he gushed. I started to tell him about my project and he listened intently. When I told him my mom had died he was very sympathetic. I said I wanted to pass along a gift and he smiled. “What is this?” Then I gave him the C-note.

He thanked me over and over. He gave me a big hug and told me his name was Danny. He had a lot of questions about what I was doing and why, and why I had chosen him. Then he told me that he had been mugged last night and struggled not to cry. “This is amazing, really. With all the bad things that happen, it really helps to remember that there are good people in the world.” He hugged me again.

Danny’s a really sweet, special young man. I think he’s one of those angels in disguise. I’ve already said that I don’t really believe in God, but I’ll be praying that he stays safe. And happy.

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12 Responses to What Happened at Brow Bar

  1. Penny Gruver says:

    B E A U T I F U L.

  2. louise says:

    I must say, you DO know how to pick ’em!! What a wonderful moment for both of you. I’ll be really sad when the month is over, too.

  3. deb bernstein says:

    You have a remarkable intuition that helps you recognize someone who’s been wounded recently. You saw it so clearly with Danny that you ran to his side. Incredible!

  4. Carrie says:

    Wow; you were definitely led to that guy! What a great story. And I’m such a girly-girl… you let me know anytime you have questions regarding makeup, etc! Haha!! 🙂

  5. Joan says:

    I am wondering if after a month of doing this you might begin to believe in a God, or whatever you would prefer to call HIm/Her.

  6. Timea says:

    Remember those oft-used words from *Hamlet,* “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,/ Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

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